UFAC is an independent Science Fiction Adventure.

Set in the present day, the story centers around The JF (The James Foundation), a team of science detectives that meet and deal with aliens. The first film shows the origin of the JF, how they came together and their first adventure. The earth based JF is made up of humans, aliens and automatons.

UFAC begins with a television movie trilogy. It will continue as a series. The first film is now in post-production. The next two films are set for early 2008. UFAC already has two worldwide video distribution offers. They will start on regional television. The producers hope to acquire sponsors. This will increase the production value.

UFAC is produced by Ikuzo Studios and Who Survives Productions. Past productions include Death From Beyond 1 and Merc Force. Merc Force was featured at the 2004 AFM (American Film Market). Over 400 movies were featured and Merc Force was ranked #16.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ikuzo Studios has their first fundraiser drive via Kickstarter in full swing. The current project in production is MERCS. This is a Science Fiction, Action, and Adventure Comedy. Mercs already has a worldwide video distribution deal in place. Before going on to video Ikuzo plans to take on first run syndication. We’re asking everyone to PLEASE pledge to Mercs and bring some original imaginative independent programming to television. Nothing is too small because every bit helps! The more we raise the higher our production value will be.

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